Thanks BoJassim


Hey- how are yo? Sorry we’ve been gone a while! We didn’t forget you!

Today’s thanks goes to BoJassim- for just making us laugh!

You are awesome!




SmileQ8 shares precious moments

We passed by SMILEQ8 and we thought these pictures were AWESOME.

The WASP STING was our personal favourite

Thanks SMILEQ8


The Blogger we suggest you follow today is………….


 The original music blog. Check out the great video of little ozzie, Kylie at the Proms.

Thanks for giving us 4 Awesome years, Loft965.

Confashion: Pre-order killer heels

LOL. I don’t know how you mademoiselles do it but if you want to Pre-Order these (heel destroying, blistered feet swelling objects) they are now available for pre-ordering according to Confashions.

Thanks Confashions. You’re Awesome!

A Giveaway: Marcello

We at KuwaitBlogsRock think these shorts are AWESOME.

I’m more of a plain shorts kind of dude. I don’t really do patterns but someone out there might.


What three lengths do Marcello Conti swim shorts come in?
(a) Marbella, Sardinia, Scicily
(b) Mykonos, Monaco & Hamptons
(c) Palm Springs, Cayman, Cacos

Answer here to win!

Thanks for sharing, Khaleejesque


The H just doesn’t cut it…………


Stuff we come up wit. shared this image. We liked it. We just want to know, do you always use your computer naked? Don’t sit too close to that motherboard fan.

Thanks for sharing Stuff, you’re AWESOME!

Vrooooom, Vrooom Mark.

Mark shared this link with us early this morning. Dude, do you sleep? You post at the weirdest hours of the day.

The 2013 SRT Viper

We think it’s TOTALLY AWESOME.


Call Me Maybe – 906 The City

906 The City shared a Glee Video that is due to air on the 09/13/2012

As much as WE here at KuwaitBlogsRock DETEST Glee and feel that Glee is a disgustingly large televised defecation, often including verbal diarrhea, we are all about positivity. So let’s all be Gleeks and Gleeful.


KuwaitBlogsSuck RickRollin

This blog has come under fierce attack in recent days and we don’t like the negativity but we do like the fact that KBS rickrolled an entire audience.

Well Done, KBS. We liked this post.

You’re ALMOST as Awesome as US.

The Blogger We Suggest You Follow Today Is…..


Well it’s simply Mark at for his longevity and coolness under pressure.

Follow him @

We think he’s awesome – especially his restaurant reviews and certainly well worth following.

Danderma’s Popcorn Salad

Danderma, we LOVED the idea of Popcorn Salad

Danderma, you’re AWESOME!

BoKhaloodie brings us Apple


We noticed that BoKhaloodie has managed to find pictures of the Apple prep for the Conference. It’s almost here 09/12/2012. You can find more pictures on BoKhaloodie’s Weblog (Blog)


Thanks Dude! It’s going to be an AWESOME event!

Remember, you’re AWESOME!

Can you help BananaQ8?

BananaQ8 are requesting the help of their readers in finding an App Developer for iPhone.

If you can help, contact them at their blog, here

BananaQ8 we wish we could help but unfortunately we can’t. We still think you’re awesome!

Kuwait Blogs Rock Tshirts and Hoodies

Coming to a roundabout near you soon………………….

Kuwait Blogs Rock Tshirts for just 3kd

Stay warm this Winter for only 5kd

Do you like them?

Coming to a roundabout near to you soon…

Cups, saucers and plates will be available in a month.

We think it’s AWESOME.

This post is a JOKE because we’re awesome

Dad of the Week Award – Grey

This is a MASSIVE SHOUTOUT to Grey, we are here for you dude!

You have caught our eye twice in the last few days dude. First for your wonderful post about us and this morning, on missing your son.

We felt that your post was genuine, heartfelt and real, so, guess what dude, you get the Dad Award of the Week!

Grey, You’re Awesome!

Z District reviews Starship Troopers Invasion

We like Z District’s review on Starship Troopers Invasion.

Recently Z District got critiqued over his reviews but Z District, we don’t agree………

We think 


MemoQ8 makes us smile

MemoQ8, we at Kuwait Blogs Rock liked your ‘thought for the day’…………


As Thomas Jefferson once said, ‘Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.’ Thomas Jefferson was the man who wrote these words on the Declaration of Independence.

We like your words, Memo.

We think your words are AWESOME


The Blogger We Want You To Follow Today Is….

The weekend is almost over for us all.

It’s time we made that suggestion to you again. The Blogger We Want You To Follow Today Is….



Swera- otherwise known as Crazyyetwise  @




Because she’s a ‘crazy Gemini wife who is wise when she wants to be’. She writes some interesting personal stuff and we think she is awesome!



Kuwait AND London


Thanks to  KASHONAH for giving information for any readers who may still be vacationing in England.

Date: Monday September 17th. 2012

Location: Victoria Hall, Wale

The 9th Kuwaiti Day (for Kuwaiti products) in London.

What an awesome idea and Kashonah we think you’re awesome too!




Q8Blend Award for Excellence

Friday night is now AWARDS NIGHTS in the AWESOME Blogosphere of Kuwait.

We hereby present this award to Q8blend for Excellence in Group Work.


You’re ALL Awesome!


The Blogger We Want You to Follow Today Is….

This is our blogger of the day-  the blogger who, for our own reasons, we have chosen as Number One today.

We suggest you follow or read them occasionally!

And today the vote goes to-.

We think you’re awesome, simply for being a Trekkie.



Dudette…… out and about

Look what Dudette found!



We don’t care that you took these shots ‘on the go’, we think they are AWESOME, just like YOU! If you want to see more pictures, you can see them over on

Hey, Dudette………we think

Thanks Dudette, you’re AWESOME


Positively Positive


The Dalai Lama said :

‘In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision.’

Our vision here is to be positive. To blast out the negativity. To clean up the shop and sweep out the bad feeling dust. That is why we are focusing on a blogger or two a day. We aren’t going to criticize, even if criticism can be constructive. As the old song goes….

‘Always look on the bright side of life……’

-and that’s what we are trying to get you to do.

So even if you wake up one morning and someone doesn’t like your header, how you fry your eggs, your views on atheism or how you hold your camera- don’t worry- ( I can feel a song coming on).

Thumbs up to us- are we awesome yet?

Frankom makes our mouth water!

Oh man! This looks so good………..mouthwatering……………..

Read more on Frankom’s review here

Great pictures too!

Thanks Frankom, you’re AWESOME!


Shoutout to our fellow gulf bloggers in Bahrain!


Stepping outside of Kuwait… our fellow Bahraini bloggers have talent too!

Isn’t this picture absolutely wonderful? 

Sugar and Spice………………. we think you’re AWESOME!

McDonald’s and Summer

We found this over on Summer’s blog.

We don’t know, we find it really bizarre. It’s totally NOT awesome.

Thanks for sharing, Summer



Blogging- why we do it


People blog for different reasons. Some blog to get attention, others blog because they want to make some money from advertising, others blog news and some blog their daily feelings and thoughts. They blog simply because they have always loved writing. They may or may not be particularly good at it but that doesn’t really matter. They may be blogging in a foreign language- how brave is that?

If it brings you joy- DO it! It just might bring joy to one other person and if so, then it is all worthwhile, isn’t it?

As one famous writer said :

”The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe.”

( Gustave Flaubert) ( Thanks for that one WordPress!)

Smile Kuwait


Big shout out thanks to for giving us all a smile on a daily basis.

Your pix are totally awesome!

Go to when you want a laugh!